Gemona and surroundings

Gemona preserves the traces of numerous populations and cultures that have crossed and transformed it over the centuries since prehistoric times.

The wealth of culture and identity that derives from it is the heritage of all citizens and is expressed in monuments and initiatives.

From the refined elegance of the Duomo rose window to the mullioned windows of Casa Gurisatti and the Liberty views of Via Bini, everything in Gemona has a roots in the past and tells of fascinating cultures and intense historical periods.

From the castle hill there is a magnificent open view from the Sant’Agnese saddle up to the Tagliamento. The most characteristic street of the historical center is via Giuseppe Bini and probably, together with the streets Basilio Brollo, Altaneto and Portuzza, constituted the ancient city nucleus built at the foot of the castle. The buildings that overlook it have undergone conservative restoration work that has provided for the maintenance of the facades and significant architectural elements.
In this way the street still presents the ancient physiognomy with the buildings rigidly tightened against each other, adorned by the portals and the winding of the porticoes.